High Quality Security Systems

We provide and install High Quality Security Systems from leading manufacturers including Hikvision, Paxton, Videx and Orisec.

Where possible we source our systems from UK Manufacturers as we believe it is very important both for the environment and for the UK economy.  Hikvision is the obvious exception as there are very few UK CCTV Manufacturers.

The systems we provide are carefully selected to provide the correct balance between quality and value for any budget. CCTV Systems for example should allow faces and numberplates to be identified where required and we will never just fit the cheapest system to win a job.

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Excellent Local Customer Service

Our main focus is making sure our customers are very happy with the process from design through to installation and on providing excellent local customer service.

The bulk of our business comes through word of mouth recommendation and we know that this can only happen if our customers are 100% satisfied.

We offer Fully Comprehensive Maintenance as standard.


With many years industry experience we have seen first hand how customers can be let down by improperly specified Security Systems, poor workmanship and ongoing service.

Our skilled technicians will ensure your system is installed to the latest British and European Standards as we want your system to continue working for many years and will never see repairs as a licence to print money!

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Sample night-time quality
Image from one of our CCTV cameras near Guisborough at Night

4K CCTV with colour images at night

Our 4K CCTV Systems offer highly detailed images and most importantly will provide colour images at night.

We have all seen the grainy images most CCTV systems produce when a crime has been committed.  Our 4k CCTV systems offer a resolution of 8 Megapixels, four times the detail of CCTV.

With Darkfighter technology as standard, our 4k CCTV will also provide colour images at night when most crimes are committed.  In 90% of cases this will be with the existing lighting however we will advise whether any additional lighting is required.

Our 4K CCTV systems have been successfully used to prosecute individuals and recoup costs where damage has occured.

Hikvision and Videx Door Entry Systems

We offer a range of Door Entry Systems from single door standard Videx Audio Door Entry Systems to Hikvision network based IP HD Colour Door Entry Systems.

Our Door Entry Systems can also be integrated with other systems such as our Paxton Access Control Systems or 4K CCTV Systems.

videx door entry
Net2 online app shown on a smartphone

Paxton Access Control Systems

We are an approved installer of Paxton Access Control Systems and can cater for any requirement from a single door Paxton Compact System to a multi-site Paxton Net2 Access Control System with PC and Smartphone administration.

With Paxton Net2 Online, available free if you have Paxton Net2 Pro, the Paxton Access Control System can be administered from anywhere on any device.  You can view live events and reports, add users, amend access rights, remotely open doors and even mark people as safe in the event of a fire with the fire roll call feature.

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