Hikvision ColourVU

Our CCTV Systems provide full colour images 24 hours a day, even without additional lighting. The systems have the following features as standard

High Quality Images

Our cameras come with either 5 Megapixel or 8 Megapixel Ultra HD sensors ensuring excellent quality images.  With advanced low light sensor and inbuilt light the cameras offer 24/7 colour images.

Continuous Recording

All cameras are connected to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) usually fitted in the lounge.  Depending on requirements the system will keep recordings for 2-4 weeks (longer if there is a valid requirement).

Smartphone App

View live and recorded images from anywhere and receive notifications with associated footage when a person or vehicle enters a predefined area.

View on your Lounge TV

The system will be connected to your Lounge TV to allow you to view live and recorded images on the big screen.

Comprehensive Maintenance

We offer Comprehensive Maintenance Packages which include parts and labour for any repairs as well as preventative maintenance visits in line with Industry Standards.

Remote Support

Many of our repairs can be carried out remotely through the HikProConnect Service Platform.  We can access the settings remotely and it allows you to grant temporary permission should we need to view the live images for repair reasons.

See clearly with 24 Hour Colour CCTV

"Most of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations and this can only happen if we continue to offer top notch customer service."

OUR WORK - Customers that have chosen our 24 Hour Colour CCTV

Here are some examples of the work we have carried out, both in residential and commercial settings. Our existing Customers will be happy to speak to you about the quality of Installation and Service.

Image of a customer that has 24 Colour CCTV and an Alarm fitted by us
24 Hour Colour CCTV fitted in Redcar
24 Hour Colour CCTV Image Quality example
One of our first Commercial Colour CCTV Customers


We have many clients locally including Boro Taxis, Londis Guisborough, The Fox and Hounds, The Barn Childcare as well as very many Residential Customers. References are available on request.

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ColorVU 24 Hour Colour CCTV Installation
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ColorVU 24 Hour Colour CCTV Installation
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Digitally Secure Ltd,
30 Carlyle Road,Middlesbrough,North Yorkshire-TS6 9AU,
Telephone No.01642 687711
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Professional installation of High Qualtiy CCTV Systems. Our systems stay in colour 24 hour a day regardless of lighting levels. We are a Hikvision VASP Authorised Installer.
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