Paxton Approved Installer

We are an Approved Installer of Paxton Access Control Systems and can expertly design and install your Access Control System no matter how big or small your requirements.

We offer standalone or software based Access Control systems with a range of locking solutions for both indoors and outside and also provide gates, barriers and turnstiles.

Standalone SystemsPaxton Switch2 System

Sometimes all that is required is a simple solution to control access to a small number of doors with no electronic history of access granted. In this instance we offer either the Paxton Compact or Switch2 System.

Both systems work in a similar way in that the cards are programmed at the reader with the main difference being the Compact has all electronics housed in the reader whereas the Switch2 has a separate controller which can be installed on the secure side of the door.

With a standalone system there is no event log, no timed entry profiles and cards are removed using a ‘shadow card’.

Networked PC Based System

Our recommended option for Access Control is the Paxton Net2 System as this provides easy administration of the system and full log of access gained by named user all within the software.

  • Add users, change doors they can enter and at what time
  • Quickly revoke access if a staff member leaves
  • Manage 1000s of doors across multiple sites
  • Delegate administration of the system to other users
  • Integrate with other systems e.g. CCTV or Fire Alarm
  • Full event reporting