HD and Megapixel CCTV

CCTV Systems

We offer a range of CCTV systems for your home or business that are expertly designed to make sure that you capture CCTV footage of sufficient quality for the purpose that it is intended in line with Home Office Guidelines, whether that is for Identification, Recognition, Detection or Observation.  We start with an assessment of Operational Requirements, assessing risk and identifying areas that will need to be captured and to what level of detail.  We will then specify the camera, lens, recording device and correct amount of storage to make sure the CCTV System will meet or surpass these requirements.

All of our Systems are installed to the latest British Standards and relevant codes of practice by our experienced engineers.  We have over 15 years experience of dealing with CCTV Installations from Small Residential Homes to Large sites with multiple buildings.  Should you wish to centrally view and control a larger system with multiple sites spread across large geographic locations we will be happy to help with our on-premise or cloud based Video Management Systems.


Our professional range of CCTV starts at 1080p HD and depending on your requirements we may either specify an IP CCTV system using existing or new network infrastructure or we have the option to utilise existing coaxial cable that has already been installed for an older analogue system to inexpensively provide a significant increase in quality using a technology known as HD-TVi.

Generally speaking, 1080p HD can only be used for identification purposes when the capture line is less than 10 metres across so lens selection is critical.  If for example a 2.8mm wide angle lens is selected, the camera will only allow identification up to 4.8 metres away whereas with a 4mm lens, identification is possible up to around 8.5 metres away.

Megapixel CCTV

Even when using existing coax from a legacy analogue system we are able to go beyond HD resolution and by using IP CCTV which uses new or existing network infrastructure we offer 6 Megapixel resolution as standard and can go way beyond this when required.

The true benefit of Megapixel CCTV is that you are able to view the footage after an incident occurs and there is sufficient detail to allow you to zoom in digitally whilst still seeing a clear image.  Obviously the greater the resolution, the more you can zoom in without blurring.

Previously zooming was only possible using a PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera but the big difference is that with a PTZ camera, you only record what you are looking at.

With a Megapixel camera, the whole image is still being recorded when you zoom in, even though you are looking at a smaller area.  This removes the traditional problem with a PTZ camera where it is zoomed in to the wrong area and an incident is missed.

There is a considerable difference between our 1080p cameras and our 6 Megapixel cameras (which have a 16:9 aspect ratio) and will allow identification across an area 50% wider.


4K Ultra HD CCTV

A fast emerging standard in Megapixel CCTV, 4K CCTV cameras offer 8 Megapixel images and have four times the detail of 1080p HD CCTV.  Although these cameras are more expensive, you need less of them meaning that you don’t need as much cabling infrastructure and as they can be sited further away from the target, there is potential for large savings in terms of ducting, columns and power.  The following video gives an indication of the boost in quality although it is actually shown in 720p due to youtube limitations.  We will be happy to provide an on site demonstration if required so you can see the amazing quality for yourself.

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