HD over Coax

Superb Quality Images

CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your security system. They make you feel safer and allow you to react quickly to potential crime.  Unless a large amount of money is spent, most systems however do not provide enough detail to provide sufficient evidence to allow a prosecution.

What if your CCTV cameras could cost effectively provide these details?  What if they could take you beyond the grainy, fuzzy and dark images that we see in the media all too often after a crime has been committed?  What if your camera could produce crystal clear, colourful, well-lit images of the situation on site?  Well now it can – with the Turbo HD TVI solution from our partners Hikvision, expertly installed by our skilled technicians.

Cost effective upgrade to an existing Analogue System

Up until recently, the only way to get high quality recorded images from a CCTV system was to install IP Cameras which require a large investment in cabling and infrastructure and more importantly need vast amounts of storage.

Using your existing coaxial cables, HD-TVI allows us to replace your existing cameras with new cameras that are up to 8 Megapixel 4k Ultra HD resolution.  Standard Analogue cameras are typically around 3-400 TV Lines whereas a 1080p Digital camera will have 1080 pixels (top to bottom).  For comparison purposes a 1080p camera is 2 Megapixel resolution.

Very Efficient Recording

What good are better quality cameras if the recorded images do not match the quality of the live footage.  With Hikvision’s H.265 compression, the total amount of storage needed is reduced by half with no loss of quality.  This finally allows you to have the right amount of storage affordably.

Zero Latency

Unlike IP or streamed video, there will be no buffering and the images will be truly live.  This allows an operator to react more quickly as an event unfolds.

Low budget?  Take a phased approach

In order to put you on the path to much better quality images we would initially upgrade your DVR which will record your existing cameras at the maximum quality they can provide (which is still likely to be a big improvement).  From then on it is a matter of replacing cameras strategically as and when budget allows.

Hybrid Option

Should you decide to add in some IP cameras or even if you already have some, we offer Hybrid DVRs that will allow IP cameras to be recorded using the same H.265 compression.

Milestone VMS Integration

Prefer to use Milestone VMS?  Hikvision’s Full HD analogue encoder DS-6700HQHI-SATA series can now be fully integrated into Milestone’s XProtect open platform networked video management software (VMS) as of Device Pack 8.9.