KeyPAC Solo Cards Wallet with 10 cards

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KeyPAC Solo Cards wallet  with 10 prox cards and 10 shadow cards

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The KeyPAC Solo ID Wallet is used to add and manage cards with the KeyPAC Solo standalone access control systems using KeyPAC (125KHz) proximity technology. It contains 10 KeyPAC proximity cards and 10 shadow cards as well as a spare master card. The wallet also contains an erasable pen so you can write who the token was allocated to in the wallet.

How to add a card to a KeyPAC Solo Reader

You allocate the token using your existing mastercard as follows:

  1. Present the Master Card twice to put it in programming mode
  2. Swipe the cards one by one, taking note on the corresponding shadow card as to who they are allocated to using the provided pen.
  3. Present the Master Card twice to take it out of programming mode or wait for it to time out.
  4. If a card is lost, you use the corresponding shadow card by following the same process.

Please get in touch if you have any problems.

KeyPAC Solo ID Wallet Features

  • Complete with 10 proximity cards and 10 shadow cards
  • KeyPAC (125KHz) proximity technology
  • Allows you to easily add or delete tokens from a system even when lost or stolen
  • Lifetime Warranty
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